Today Is Switch day… Win A Giveaway!


So today is my switch day, over to my self-hosted blog site!  I hope I am organized enough to pull this off smoothly… I’ve already had a cup of coffee and a couple chocolates… and I react to caffeine like it’s a drug, so I`m a little jittery and my brain’s a little dizzy!  LOL!  Maybe I should have waited to indulge after I figured this all out!!

Here is a recap of what I explained yesterday… if you read this yesterday though, please keep reading!  The giveaway announcement is next!

Why the change? Hosting my blog at has been fantastic, but there’s a few restrictions that weren’t really working for me.  One example is that I am in no way allowed to make $$ from my blog at  Being a woman who can’t stand not making a little money for the family, I wasn’t really cool with this.  Another example is when I host a linky party, like I did the past couple Sundays, doesn’t accept Javascript, which allows all those who link up to show on my blog page, it has to be re-directed to an outside page…. just those sorts of things.

How is different for me? Here I have to self-host my blog site, and maintain everything about it.  A lot of geek-talk, but I do find it interesting and fun.  And I will be able to do the above without any problems.

What to expect with the change? I will have a new theme, which I think is very cute, and would love for you to check it out tomorrow!  There are still a few glitches, like a few broken links, missed pictures and so on, but nothing that really affects the blog, and it’s all being worked on!

Why I’m a little stressed and want to make sure you are on top of the change?  Because as far as all my research has shown, I cannot automatically transfer you as a follower over to the new blog.  I need you to sign up again! After the growth I’ve had since I began this blog 6 months ago, it makes me sad that I may lose some of you, even if it’s simply because some of you may not read my blog every day, so you may not realize this is all happening!

How will this all happen?

*For those who follow me by email:  today I can enter your email address as a new follower, but I still need you to confirm it.  At some point after this post , expect an email asking for your confirmation for subscription to my blog.  Just click on the link, and it will be done.

*For those who follow me by RSS Feed, you will need to subscribe again.

*For those who follow me through WordPress, I have no way to switch you over, and you will need to subscribe again.

*For those who follow me through Linky Followers, I am able to switch it over automatically, so the assumption is you have nothing to worry about.

*For those who follow me through Facebook, this too should happen automatically.

*How Can you find me??  the new address is  The old site will at some point begin automatically switching readers to the new site when they come to the old site


The Giveaway

So, what`s this about this Giveaway?? 

Here’s How You Can Enter The Giveaway:

Each of the following actions will give you an entry into the giveaway, increasing your chances of winning!  Please Note: You must leave a comment for each action, otherwise your action won’t be considered for the giveaway!!

*Follow my new blog site, AND leave me a comment on the new site, saying you are following.  (You can follow through email, linky followers, or RSS, just make sure you leave a comment!)  (As I mentioned, if you follow by email currently, you will receive an email after receiving this post, asking for your confirmation for subscription to  You will need to click the link to confirm, and then you will need to visit to leave a comment saying you did so.)

*Follow me on Facebook AND leave a comment saying you are following

*If you already follow me on Facebook, then refer a friend to Facebook or my blog AND be sure they leave a comment that they are following AND that they leave your name (that will give each of you an entry!)

*Share my new blog site on Facebook or Twitter, AND leave me a comment saying you did so.

What will you win??

Well, you know I’ve been crazy about making signs lately, and I want to share a little of that with you!!  This Giveaway will be open for 1 week, closing next Monday evening (March 5th) and the winner will be randomly chosen to win:

A package of Sharpie Paint Pens, in the colors showed (can be used on glass and wood!)

AND Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads - Walnut StainA Distress Ink in Walnut Stain!

(value of $40 CAD)

Thank you So much, and I really do hope to see you all at my new site.  It has been awesome to have so much support, comments, referrals and new friendships, and I hope this all continues!  🙂

Thanks for reading and having patience with me through all this chaos!!!

xo, Leanne


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